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methods of adult procedural sedation

The main goal of the Methods of Adult Procedural Sedation course (MAPS) is to improve patient safety through standardizing the approaches and optimizing the skills of healthcare providers during procedural sedation.

We hope it will lead to an institutional certification program for personnel involved in procedural sedation and internal accreditation of the relevant facilities.

At the end of the course participants will be able to:
• Demonstrate knowledge of protocols for procedural sedation.
• Risk-stratify patients with potentiall "difficult airway", including Mallampati – ASA scores.
• Demonstrate familiarity with equipment and monitoring.
• Demonstrate knowledge of medications related to procedural sedation including reversal agents.
• Demonstrate ability to recognize and manage complications as a part of procedural sedation team:
---- Hypotension
---- Hypoxia
---- Over-sedation, delayed arousal
---- Difficult airways
---- Anaphylaxis
• Appreciate the importance of inter-professional collaboration at local, institutional and community levels, including minimal personnel requirements, anesthesia and other specialties back up, roles of patient safety and ARC committees, etc.
• Demonstrate knowledge of procedural sedation documentation, QA and protocols at Mount Sinai Hospital.

The course is fully accredited by: Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada; The College of Family of Physicians Canada; Continuing Education and Professional Development U of T

For more information contact Anna Hrynko

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